BioComb Acacia is cut by hand and packed in luxury box without any further treatement or processing. It is the purest, most natural form of honey. It contains no fat, cholesterol or gluten. BioComb is a natural product that comes directly from the hive of the unique creatures - the bees. The honeycomb contain natural enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins and minerals. It is the perfect welness gift for you and your family!

Acacia honey is one of the most valuable honey. With its exceptional healing properties and wonderful soft aroma. BioComb is a natural piece of nature with a piece of soul from the bees. It is the perfect present for anyone wishing to live healthy and happily.

To enjoy this piece of nature, hardworking bees have visited over one million flowers for each single product. A BioComb contains 360 perfectly crafted honeycomb hexagonal cells, accurately sealed and filled with aromatic honey. The honeycomb inside is carefully cut by hand, under strict quality control. Placed in the boxes, they are stored in special warehouses waiting to reach you. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled to preserve the health and nutritional properties of BioComb.