Our bees are gently collecting the nectar from the flowers.
For a single box of BioComb, а bee visits more than 12 000 flowers.

Back in the hive, the bee convert this nectar into honey and store it in wax cells.
One BioComb contains about 2000 wax hexagon cells.

When taken from the hive honeycombs are strictly inspected for any impurities.
Impurities such as pollen grains or brood are not accepted in BioComb.

Honeycombs that have passed the quality controll are cutted and packed in a box.
Cutting is made by hand by а special thermo-controlled cutting device.

The final product gets stored in special warehouses to stay ready for a worldwide shipping.
One BioComb contains about 2000 wax hexagon cells.

After the primary selection and quality checking only few cuts of every bee frame taken from the hive become BioComb. That’s why BioComb is produced in only few thousands of units per year. If you are interested further feel free to give us a quick message in the form below.

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Providing our customers with products that meet and even exceed their expectations is the key of our business. Being the primary producer allows us to strictly monitor and controll the whole production process to ensure we provide the best possible quality. BioComb is made by lovely bees in our own apiaries and packed in a dedicated GMP manufacturing unit, which is ours too.
We really take serious about the quality. That’s why both our apiaries and our manufacturing facility are certified under EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 for organic farming. The certification of BioComb is provided by SGS - the world’s leading inspection and certification company. We are in the process of certification by USDA too.